Windows 10 – 75 Million Downloads in the first Month A Huge Win for Microsoft.

Windows 10 – 75 Million Downloads in the first Month A Huge Win for Microsoft !!!!

The last few Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (Windows 8.0 and 8.1) were not well received; however, Windows 10 has been download to 75 Million Devices in 30 days.

Not to offend Mac and Linux users; however, if you have a Windows PC have you already reserved or upgraded to Windows 10?? What are your first impressions??

Wildfire Preparedness Guide

Wildfire Preparedness




We are at the height of Wildfire Season here in San Diego County.

It’s not too late to become prepared for a possible evacuation.
A Wildfire Preparedness Guide link is attached.

Wildfire Preparedness Guide


Do not forget to gather and “Backup” your important documents to either a “Cloud” or Local Solution. Some examples of important documents are:

  • Family photos/Birth Videos
  • Home escrow and sale documents
  • Income tax returns (seven years worth), and W2s
  • Copies of birth certificates, marriage licenses, adoption documents, divorce decrees, citizenship papers, green cards, social security cards, and driver’s licenses
  • A list of investments, bank accounts, and credit card numbers, along with contact phone numbers
  • Passports
  • Military discharge papers
  • Your will/Trust
  • Car titles, insurance policies, and registrations
  • Deed to your house, mortgage, and insurance documents
  • A household inventory with photos

If you are unsure how to backup your information
please click the “Contact” Page and give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.





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