FTC Files Lawsuit Against D-Link Over Unprotected IoT Devices


Vulnerable routers and webcams pose a significant threat to online security. D-Link, one of the world’s leading hardware manufacturers of these inter-connected computer accessories, has been sued by the FTC. Apparently, the company has not taken the necessary steps to secure their devices. A hacker may have taken advantage of this issue, although that has not been officially confirmed.

Trouble Ahead For D-Link

On Thursday, January 5th, the FTC filed their complaint against D-Link Corporation and its US subsidiary. The main issue is how their webcams and routers are not adequately secured, allowing hackers to gain remote access. If these devices are exploited, one never fully knows what the criminals may do. Given the recent DDoS attacks through IoT devices, the security of these machines has become a pressing matter.

According to the FTC, D-Link failed to take reasonable steps to protect their IP cameras and routers from unauthorized access. To be more precise, the complaint mentions how the company ignored the “widely known and reasonably foreseeable risks” in this regard. Considering how D-Link has become a household name in nearly every country, this does not bode well for the manufacturer.


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