Ho ho ho, Santa Nadella comes bearing gifts for nearly two weeks as Microsoft offers up “12 Days of Deals” on its online and retail stores. Some of these deals are pretty good, while others are a little ambiguous. In a nod to retail traffic, Microsoft is also offering “In-Store Doorbuster Deals” that are only available at its 116 stores worldwide. And they have some of the best offerings. So without further ado, let’s run down the list, along with my take on each deal:

  • Day 8-December 12:
    *Save $50 and get two free select games with select Xbox One consoles.
    *In-Store Doorbuster Deal: Be one of the first customers in line to get a $25 Microsoft Store gift card.

Again, the “select” games are likely second- and third-string titles, and another gift card?

All told there are some great deals, some not-so-great deals, and a few where Microsoft looks to be blowing out old inventory. Still, it’s a lot more than Apple is offering.

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